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Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:41


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Today my book went live on! After four years of working on it (not all the time, of course), and a major push over the last three months or so, it's finally a Real Book! With Pages, and a Cover and Everything!

I am sooo excited!

The book is published through CreateSpace, which is a division of Amazon which allows people to self-publish. The cool thing is that the book is printed on demand - i.e. when someone orders a copy, a copy gets printed, bound and shipped. This is wonderful, because there's no need for me to fund a print run, no up-front inventory, or anything!

In a few days' time, it'll appear on Amazon's websites in the US, Canada and Europe.

This book is totally a labor of love - observing time-varying lights has been an interest for me all my life. So it's a wonderful milestone in my life to see it in print. I am one happy guy. :)

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